Juho the Panda - Brothers

Brothers is an album recorded in my parents' house in Krępiec. It is a collection of tracks that I have put together after my brother was born. I guess that the time spent with young Olek, living in the countryside, and having a constant feeling of childhood nostalgia, were main inspirations for me to make this record. I have started recording music in 2009, and released Brothers in 2011, shortly after I moved out from my brother's house, to begin studies at the university. I decided to release a physical copy of this album and give it away to everyone who send me a postcard and some candies. Making music was always just fun, not business. Since Brothers was released I have made a lot of friends with people who liked this music, and I will always remember the years spend with my toddler brother. Releasing this album was a great experience. Thanks.

After the release, few people have noticed my music and helped me with promotion, or even decided to interview me. Thank you for supporting this project: